For all those suffering from frustrating toenail fungus, ZapNails now offers El Paso laser toenail treatment. Learn more about this amazing new form of El Paso toenail fungus removal and why many find it is their only hope for relief.

In The Past

Your only options for El Paso toenail fungus treatment used to be topical or oral treatments. This meant that you had to either apply a smelly, messy cream to your toes daily or take a pill for months before noticing any results.

Creams are only 8 percent effective as they can't reach under the nail where the fungus lives. Oral toenail fungus treatment in El Paso TX is slightly more effective. However, repeated use, which is necessary for it to be effective, can cause liver damage, heart failure and a variety of other dangerous side effects.


ZapNails' El Paso laser toenail treatment is the latest in fungus removal technology. Here is how it works:

  • Fast: Each session takes only about 20 minutes and many patients only need one treatment.
  • Effective: Laser treatment is as much as 80 percent effective and most patients notice results within about 2 weeks as new nail growth begins.
  • Painless: Our toenail fungus removal service in El Paso relies on high-tech, concentrated UV light to focus directly on the infection. The surrounding tissue is left untouched.

It is time to stop feeling frustrated with toenail fungus that just will not go away. If you are holding out for your infection to cure itself, you will be waiting forever. Instead, without proper El Paso toenail fungus removal, your infection will simply get worse. Embarrassment aside, an infection could result in losing your nail or even permanent nail damage after your infection is cleared.

To schedule a consultation with a ZapNails' El Paso laser toenail treatment provider, call today. We have knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any questions you have.

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